We live in a world that has never been so connected through social media, email and phones yet we are probably at a time in the world when the largest amount of people feel totally disconnected. We have lost the art of reaching out in a more traditional way. You will never feel the same joy opening an email or a message as you do opening an unexpected card that has fallen through your letterbox.

Heart On My Sleeve is here to connect. We want people to remember to reach out. The card you send out could be a heartwarming connection to somebody who badly needs it. And we are tackling the difficult conversations. We are addressing issues like berevement, miscarriage, depression and illness. When somebody suffers a loss of any kind theres a silence that descends very quickly. After life gets back to normal for everyone else, but not for the person who has lost. Receiving a card from someone on a dark day can be a rainbow through those clouds.

Equally people sometimes struggle to properly express their happiness for others.  Many people find it embarassing to write all that soppy stuff…. Well we’ve done it for you! You get the brownie points for the touching words but still keep your street cred!


Our story begins when we ran a little personalised gift shop in the heart of Ireland. One day a lovely lady came in to us looking for a token to send to someone who had suffered a miscarriage. “I cant send a Get Well card“, she explained, “and yet I really want the mother to know I am thinking of her and my heart goes out to her”. We realised that there are so many things that happen in life where you really want to send a card or a gift to someone, but there actually isn’t an appropriate product to send. And that’s where the idea for HEART ON MY SLEEVE began.

We wanted to write a range of verses that can express your sentiments in many situations where words fail you. Its hard to find the words to sympathise with someone after a loss, its tough to know what to say when someone is fighting illness or maybe going through a break up and equally in happy occasions its sometimes hard to express the level of your love, appreciation or pride in someone.

So our greetings are a way of wearing your heart on your sleeve; expressing your feelings when it matters! Think of them as virtual hugs for the recipients!

Our range is growing all the time and we hope our unique verses give comfort where its needed and sprinkle a bit of happiness and love on the person reading.

We are a family run business from Tullamore, Co.Offaly, we started Enchanted Gift Shop in 2012 and have delighted in designing and creating beautiful personalised cards and gifts for our customers all around the country since we began.

We hope you embrace HEART ON MY SLEEVE and make it your go-to place for thoughtful and totally unique cards and gifts.

Designed and Printed in Ireland
Written By Karen Burke
Copyright of Enchanted Gift Shop